My portfolio is a collection of unique leather jewelry and accessory pieces, some of which were custom designed from original children's drawings. Please enjoy these photos and stay tuned for more information and updated work!


Custom Pieces

Each custom piece began from meaningful original artwork. Sometimes I chose the entire image or I focused on a few of its interesting elements (I "zoomed-in" on a section of the image) to make an abstract accessory. I silkscreen, stencil, or phototransfer images inspired by the original piece onto leather depending on the amount of detail in the image. Each accessory is cut and painted by hand.

oval ring.jpg

Jewelry & Accessories

The contradiction of clean and organic lines is a driving force in my work. I am inspired by different textures and patterns. I love using bright colors and similar hues in conjunction with metallic leathers and hardware. I also really enjoy experimenting with different media and using different techniques, so my work is constantly evolving!